Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and Technical Hydromechanics (IWD), Technische Universität Dresden

The Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and Technical Hydromechanics at the Technical University of Dresden goes back to the Chair of Hydraulic Engineering, founded in 1890 and first represented by Hubert Engels, with the first permanent river engineering laboratory in german-speaking countries (1898). Research focuses on 2D and 3D hydronumerical investigations as well as physical model investigations. Physical modeling is primarily carried out in the fields of river engineering and morphology, sediment transport, flood control, the interaction of runoff-vegetation-morphodynamics, and ethohydraulic issues in the context of river continuity. Numerical simulations are currently used for integrated flood management with virtual city models, for the investigation of the influence of propeller jets on bed stability or the influence of wind-induced waves on the banks of open-cast mining lakes, for the application of LES methods for the ethohydraulic evaluation of fish ladders and for the simulation of flows in turbines with the software TRiMM. In addition, the innovative method for transient assessment of aquatic habitat quality for macrozoobenthos was developed, tested and put into practice by IWD. As part of the BMBF project "In_StröHmunG", the watercourse management system PROGEMIS was co-developed to support watercourse maintenance management as a planning and communication platform.

IWD is also a partner in the DAAD project Global Water and Climate Adaptation Center (ABCD Center) and a member of the Center for Advanced Water Research (CAWR).

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