Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg (OvGU), Institute of Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics (ISUT):

The institute has extensive experience in numerical simulations, especially of ecologically compatible turbomachinery with multiple phases, as well as Lagrange's calculation of particle motion within flows using CFD-DEM coupling and the use of machine learning in the systematic optimization of machines.

Another focus is on bio-inspiration, fluid-structure interactions and method development. The institute uses the HPC system Sofja of the OvGU (800 TFlops) for the project. Within the RETERO project, a numerical method for the calculation of damage risks of fish in hydraulic facilities is in development, which also be tested on real scenarios.

Contribution to the consortium:

ISUT will focus on the coupled CFD/DEM models for the simulation of fish behavior and numerical damage analyses. This will involve implementing the results of the extended behavioral studies (IWD, IGF, SJE) and validating the model on external data. Experimentally, ISUT will support the construction and improvement of the active sensors (fish robots) and the impact tests with the water channel, the test rig and the optical measurement methods, as well as in the development of the fish tracking functions.

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